At Gold Mountain Mining, we are committed to taking a sustainable approach towards exploring, developing and operating the Elk Gold Project in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. Ensuring we are good neighbours and inclusive members of the community are critical to our long-term success as a company”

“We are proud of the strides Gold Mountain has taken to significantly minimize our environmental footprint and collaborate with surrounding Indigenous Communities to understand how best to responsibly operate the mine. The company will continue to invest in the strength of our local workforce and strive to optimize our ESG strategy to reduce risks across all operations while creating a progressive culture and corporate DNA.”

  • CEO and Director, Kevin Smith





Sustainability Strategies and Goals
Our Sustainability Strategy focuses on three instrumental areas: 


As members of a responsible mining community, Gold Mountain is committed to operating sustainably by minimizing its impact on the environment and restoring the Elk Gold Project to conditions that are better than they were when we began operations.

Life of Mine Goal

Sustainable operations that minimize the impact on the environment and regional wildlife.

Focus Area Goals

  • Reforestation –  Developing partnerships with regional communities to plant more than double the amount of trees the project will clear during its Life of Mine.
  • End-of-Mine Study – Develop studies with a goal of returning land to cultural and ecological function equivalent to pre-disturbance.
  • Study and Examine – Identify mitigation or protective measures including potential habitat offsets relevant to the local ecology.

Since acquiring the project in 2019, Gold Mountain has taken an inclusive and responsive approach with its neighbouring communities to better understand how best to design, construct and operate the Elk Gold Project. 

Life of Mine Goal

The Elk Gold Project strives to create a net benefit to local communities, businesses, and economies.

Focus Area Goals

  • Life of Mine Committee – Establish a Life of Mine Committee providing a forum for Indigenous engagement during the entire life of the Elk Gold Project.
  • Local Economy – Procure and source 70% of consumables and services from local vendors, contractors and manufacturers.
  • Net Benefit – Partner with Indigenous ventures focussing on education, environmental and cultural enhancement.

Gold Mountain works collaboratively with local Indigenous Governments to create positive net-benefits for affected communities.

Life of Mine Goal

To create positive net-benefits for communities through educational support, business development and opportunities to participate in the project.

Focus Area Goals

  • Reconciliation – Respect the local Indigenous Communities by incorporating their culture and traditions into Gold Mountain’s company culture.
  • Positive Impact – Deliver positive social, economic and environmental outcomes for Indigenous Communities  based on community-defined aspirations.
  • Economic Initiative – Procure and source 50% of consumables and services through Indigenous contractors and partners.

³ Compared to 1.5 MW mill contemplated in 2020 PEA  = 30,000 kwh/day * 0.4L Diesel/kwh = 11,500 tonnes CO2/year

4 Compared to 900 tonne/day processing mill contemplated in the Company’s 2020 PEA, a copy of which was available on the Company’s SEDAR profile on September 24, 2020.